The demolition of Kuwait Airways Headquarters

Kuwait Airways building demolition

The old (and semi-historic, because it was built on 9/7/1974) Kuwait Airways building on the corner of Fahad Al-Salem St. has begun its demolition phase.

This pic [link] is of the 1st demolition phase, and it was taken by Mr. AbdulMajeed Al-Shatti. He’s an avid amateur and enthusiastic local photographer. I got it off his FB page (he’s a friend, so I think it’ll be cool with him).

Since this is Kuwaiti related and poses some historic significance, I emailed Mark about it (I thought it would interest him). I also added that I didn’t know what the future designs look like. Turns out that he has posted about the new (ugly) designs already [link].

We both (I think) agreed that the new designs are NOT an improvement. What a shocker. How was this monstrosity ever allowed in Kuwait?! But wait. Hold on. Yep. that sounds about right. You can bet your very last dollar, that (almost) everything redesigned in Kuwait nowadays will get worse and uglier.

I personally know this building very well, it holds tremendous sentimental value for me. It was where I tried booking a plane out of Kuwait (and back to my studies in London), after our liberation from the Iraqi invasion in ’91… But I think I ended up leaving on BA and not KA, on the first commercial flight out of Kuwait (something like May 2nd 1991).

Anyways, this is how the Kuwait Airways H.Q. building looked like after the Iraqi invasion; alongside a rendition of its new design (supplied by Mark).

Kuwait Airways Burned damned Iraqi invasion  Kuwait Airways new H.Q.

Disney’s “Frozen” comes to Ski Dubai this winter

Disney's Frozen at Ski Dubai

Disney’s Frozen Winter Wonderland will be coming to Dubai this winter.

  • From Dec. 5 – Feb. 5.
  • “Frozen” themed statues and Nordic chales on display throughout the place.
  • Activities include storytelling, sing alongs, snowman building, arts & crafts, and face painting.
  • Norwegian brunch served daily at the ski cafe.
  • Tickets cost Dh. 225.

Full details and schedule can be found [here].

NBK’s new Hala Hala Zaina commercial



We grew up with this commercial. I didn’t know any kid who didn’t have NBK’s green golden camel piggybank. I even had an aunt named Zaina, and she was young and had black hair like the girl in the commercial, and I thought the commercial was about her.

The new commercial seems exactly like the old one, except for a stronger Kuwaiti pronunciation of Wa6ani at the end. And maybe a softer “ja” when singing ‘aljamal’. And here’s the old Hala Hala Zaina commercial:



Wonderful Desserts opens a new branch in Dasma

Wonderful desert Dasma Kuwait 2  Wondersful Desserts Dasma Kuwait 3

Wonderful desserts opened a new branch in Dasma co-op. They now have 5 branches total: Yarmouk, jabriya, Hitteen, and Abu Hulaifa.

Wonderful has the best chocolate pudding-cake in Kuwait, you can read my old post [here]. They also have some 8 other flavors, including: pink cheesecake, pistachio, red velvet, tiramisu, mango trifle, marshmellow, and basboosa.

The small order costs kd 6 (half dozen cups or 12 minis), while the large order costs kd12 (dozen cups or 24 minis). You can reach them on tel # 1808084 for home delivery or on instagram.

Wonderful desert Dasma Kuwait

Snapchat users, be afraid

Snapchat social media video by CASEY NEISTAT

Some 200,000 embarrassing (and mostly nude) pictures hacked from Snapchat users will surface online tomorrow [via The DailyMail]. And they will most probably be tagged with the app’s usernames. So if any of you was using Snapchat to post pics of their privates, then you reputation is ruined.

But don’t worry to much about this. Snapchat confirms that the leak came from a 3rd party app (most probably and not from Snapchat servers. So if you haven’t used this 3rd party app, then you can at least rest assured a little. Either way, you shouldn’t be posting naked pics of you anywhere.

Pic credit [screenshot from Snapchat kills Facebook video]

New breakfast items at Johnny Rockets

New breakfast items at Johnny Rockets Kuwait 2

I was having breakfast at IHOP the other day, and noticed that their neighbor Johnny Rockets had a few new items on their breakfast menu. The new dishes are available from 6 am to 12 pm, while most of the regular breakfast menu is available all day:

  • Philly steak ‘n eggs.
  • Mexican style.
  • Blueberry Ricotta pancake.

My day as a Tourist in Kuwait

Kuwait Towers

Fishing Pier Kuwait Sharq

It’s a long Eid holiday, so I thought of doing some touristy kind of stuff today.

  • I had a traditional Kuwait breakfast in Mubarakiya.
  • Went to the fishing pier on Gulf Rd.
  • And walked over to Kuwait Towers.

Traditional Kuwaiti breakfast Mubarakiya Kuwait   Mubarakiya restaurants Kuwait 2

IKEA online catalogues for 2015

IKEA Kuwait online catalogue 2015 Arabic   IKEA Kuwait online kitchens catalogue 2015

IKEA Kuwait online closets catalogue 2015   IKEA Kuwait online bathrooms catalogue 2015

General store catalogue [link]

Kitchen catalogue [link]

Closets catalogue [link]

Bathroom catalogue [link]

Just note that all catalogues linked are in Arabic. If you want the English versions, just click [here].

Burger Factory Nuzha

This isn’t a review of Burger Factory Nuzha, it’s just a general post.

My first visit was a smash hit. This place was going to be one of my top fav burger places in Kuwait, up there with Slider Station and Burger Boutique (and the Roma burger from Open Flame Kitchen). My second visit was not as good, because they messed up my takeout order. That’s why I’m just gonna write a few sentences, and leave you with pictures (all of which look orange, due to the restaurant’s lighting).

  • The burgers are cooked smash style.
  • I ordered the Bolt burger; which comes with cheese and a delicious mushroom sauce with tomatoes and lettuce that adds extra juiciness. And comes in a tender potato bun.
  • The meat was perfectly smashed into a thin patty, the sauce tasted amazing, and the bun was so tender. I loved loved loved this burger.
  • My mom ordered the Sliders trio. 3 sliders of their best selling burgers. I’m not sure of the combination, but one might have been a regular cheeseburger, one was definitely with bacon, and the 3rd I can’t even start to guess what it had. She loved them all. (She also loves Open Flame Kitchen, if that helps understand her taste in burgers).
  • I ordered the Chili cheese fries. I liked them better than Johnny Rockets’, because the meat tasted a lot less meaty. The first few bites were heaven, but then I got bored with the meat and started picking the plain fries out. So be warned if you’re like me and don’t like Chili fries much.
  • Mom ordered a Caesar salad. It was pretty average (like only acceptable if you wanted to have something healthy with your burger).
  • My sister and her kids all ordered the Bolt burger, i.e. the same one I had.
  • They also ordered regular fries, which came thick and sprinkled with spices.

We had 3 Bolt burgers, the sliders trio, 2 regular fries, 1 chili cheese fries, 1 salad, and 2-3 soft drinks. The total was less than Kd20. Burger Factory is located in Nuzha co-op, on the back corner beside NBK, where Little Caesar used to be.

Would I go there again? Yes I would, I loved the Bolt burger, and love Burger Factory’s location.It’s the closest fresh burger place near my home. Sadly, my 2nd visit was not as promising, because they basically forgot all the ingredients on my bolt except for the patty. Still, I’m not holding it against them, it was a to-go order and every place makes mistakes.

Johnny Rockets home delivery service

Johnny Rockets New Wagyu Burger Menu 7

Just an update on Johnny Rockets home delivery service [old post]. Their delivery phone number is now 1-844-144. Not a totally new number, has been around so for a while now (in addition to their Salmiya branch # of 25754040, which is physically open 24/7).

You might not know this, but they offer a 24/7 home delivery service direct from them (in addition to their 6alabat delivery). Orders start from just Kd 2.5, with a half kd delivery charge. And it’s avaialable 24/7 every single day day of the year (Ramadan excluded).

Their new delivery # is 1-844-144.

Bon appetit.