PF Chang’s overpriced Shrimps

Kung Pao Shrimps is one of my most favorite chinese dishes. That’s why I was a bit shocked to notice PF Chang charging KD 6.250 for it. And that’s without rice or drinks.

I think it’s a bit expensive for a place like PF Chang, which is only supposed to be an above average mall joint. I expect prices like this from standalone properly situated restaurants.

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4 Responses to PF Chang’s overpriced Shrimps

  1. Om Totta says:

    It comes with a small bowl of rice … O aldeyay zafer ma gedart aklah! !! Bs jad mako 3ala noodle factory :)’

    • buzfairy says:

      I forgot it comes with a bowl of rice.

      Chicken in Kuwait is a big moshkela, day,am zafer…. And I totally agree with u, mako 3ala elnoodle factory, bs law eygayroon thak elmodeer elna7ees ;)

  2. if its so famouse as there dynamite shrip then thats why ..

    • buzfairy says:

      I luv their dynamite shrimp… But i still feel that too is a bit expensive at 3.25 for that short appetizer ;)

      yeah the kung pao shrimps are good, the portion is adequate, and the bowl is full of peanuts… u shud give it a try. Also a reader reminded me that it comes with a small bowl of rice too

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