Check out Ashton Kutcher’s Royal Trailer at Two & A Half Men

This is Ashton Kutcher’s “Baby Girl” trailer on the set of the hit TV show, Two & A Half Men. Ashton replaced Charlie Sheen on that show, when Sheen went into a crazy drugged-out-of-his-mind phase a few months ago.

Sheen was the top paid actor on TV at the time, and is now replaced by Kutcher, whom is now also one of TV’s top actors too. Since Kutcher will be making the rounds of $20 million if the show is picked up for another season, he shouldn’t have a problem paying the $9,000 a week rental fee on this beauty.



Ashton’s humongous trailer is called “Baby Girl” and costs a cool $2 million to buy. It boosts 1,100 sq feet over two stories, has 2 bathrooms, full granite-top kitchen, meeting area, 7 60-inch plasma TVs, and 360° surveillance and security. The furniture is all retractable, foldable, and stow-able; in order to comply with US road regulations for when the trailer in on the move.


4 Responses to Check out Ashton Kutcher’s Royal Trailer at Two & A Half Men

  1. Bero0Q8 says:

    Now That’s A job :P

  2. Chuknum says:

    Now that’s royal!

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