Fruit juice from Americana


Update: I meant Americana, not KDD. Fasting is playing with my head.

I just saw at jam3iya that KDD Americana now sells fruit juice. They’ve got two flavors: mango and lemon&mint, each for 110 fils per 200 ml pack.

6 Responses to Fruit juice from Americana

  1. n says:

    its americana shkoo KDD !!!

  2. i-Found says:

    eshlon 63mhom zeneen ?

    • buzfairy says:

      ماذقتهم للحين… بس يحليل أمريكانا الظاهر بيحتكرون السناك تايم، لقيت العصابة هذي يم سلطاتهم و سندويتشاتهم

      اعلمج شلون طعمهم خلال ساعة انشاءالله

  3. Sn3a says:

    it’s nectar.. who drink this stuff these days

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