A Great Summary Table of All Fall TV Shows, Old & New

Our friend Jacqui made this super dazzling table of all the TV shows [Link] that are going to air this fall, both old and new. Her table is neat, easy to read, and very organized.

Related: I had made my own posts about Fall’s new TV shows a few days ago, with a little backstory of each show, I even divided them into Comdey, Drama, And Sci-Fi\Thriller. Check them out if you like.

4 Responses to A Great Summary Table of All Fall TV Shows, Old & New

  1. BeRo0Q8 says:

    Nice Table Really.. She did Her Best ..
    Wish Her The Best luck :D

  2. Jacqui says:

    Thanks for posting it I am glad you liked it hehe :D

    • buzfairy says:

      7ayach allah honey…. Like I said on twitter, entay elli thank u sooo much…. What you put was both detailed and pretty, and I know how difficult for u to get them right xoxo

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