Pole Dancing Lessons in Saudi Arabia


A Pole Dancing instructor travelled to SA and gave private lessons to a Saudi wife, so she can learn how to pole dance for her husband [link].

Misch taught Qahtani – who is, unusually, the sole wife to her husband Mohammed – intensively for two hours each day, six days a week, teaching her to climb the pole, do the splits upside down and create a fluid routine.

The two trained in Lycra gym kit – a stark contrast from the abaya Saudi women wear in public.

As a stunt, Misch and her host took photos of themselves performing a pole dance wearing the abaya, Saudi Arabia’s traditional dress.

‘Qahtani wanted to make a point,’ says Misch. ‘But it angered a lot of people who thought the photos were insulting.’

Do you too feel that the pictures are a tad bit insulting to Saudis?

15 Responses to Pole Dancing Lessons in Saudi Arabia

  1. المشعان says:

    ههههههههههههه اهم شي اغراء اسلامي

    بس احس اهانه لزوجته !! حرام يعلمها هالامور

    ولله في خلقه شؤون

    • buzfairy says:

      مادري، هالأشياء لازم تظل بين المرة و ريلها… مو تننشر بالجرايد و المجلات

      اخذي دروس كيفج، بس لول ليش التصوير و الفضايح

  2. alnoury says:

    the whole thought is insulting
    the pic is pure silly funny

    • buzfairy says:

      Did you read the quote I put? the lady wanted to make a point!

      I mean even in Europe & the States, pole dancing lessons are still a taboo subject between close friends; let alone a woman from a super conservative country like SA.

      I mean the pictures might be ok, but I sure didn’t like the whole interview and article.

  3. in_love_with_laguna says:

    أولا شكلها غلط و هي على العامود و كأنها ينية لووول يعني جنية

    شخصيا أحس إن التدريب على هالعامود حتى لو للزوج كأنه غلط أو تنزيل من مقامها
    جربي الرقص الشرقي لووول عاد العامود مرة وحدة
    و بعدين بتحطين عامودج بالصاله لووووووول أو غرفة النوم و تخيلي اليهال كل شوي راكبينه ماكو إلا شهر و العامود طايح

    • buzfairy says:

      انا وياج من انه تنزيل من مقام المرة

      و لرل على العمود الطايح، بيطيحون بجبدها و اهي تعبانة و شاحنتهم على ٥٠٠ جنيه الواحد

      امبيه الناس ناسية و اذا ابتليتم فاستتروا و اقضوا حوائجكم بالكتمان

  4. Sfsa78 says:

    It’s a shame that we have to think twice about expressing ourselves, and “tip-toe” around ridiculous religious sensitivities about absolutely everything.

    • buzfairy says:

      No one is criticizing them for self expression. Actually, I don’t anyone would have even taken note of anything if the lady or the trainer wore proper pole dancing clothes, like shorts or something. Wearing a 3abaya and hanging to the pole like some kind of ninja bat was ridiculous and silly.

  5. Wow buz says:

    Im not going to read your blog again thank you for the trash article and trash pictures You should be ashamed of yourself for posting this wow what class and taste do you have

  6. Wow buz says:

    Im a mother of 12 year old daugter that reads your blog dailly and loves it and now I have to deal with this ,there’s more young girls like her reading your blog from her school and they don’t need to know a bout this kind of subject they are kids I was really shocked when she told about it I never thought this kind of subject will be in your blog and it shouldn’t be for the sake of the kids.

    • buzfairy says:

      I guess I have to apologize then, I should have put a warning or something.

      Though lots of my posts are pg rated and none offensive, I still do post some controversial stuff every now and then. So you might understand my confusion as to why only this post upset you, and not some of the other ones.

      I’ve got a teenage son too, and he reads my blog regularly. So don’t think I’m trying to corrupt the new generation or anything. As a parent, I don’t think this post needed censorship.

      I apologize again. I would love your girl to continue reading my blog; so for her sake and other kids, I’ll try to put warnings on risky posts in the future.

      Hope this new comments makes you a little happier about my blog :D

  7. saja says:


  8. abir says:

    Iam looking for pole dancing classes in kuwait , so do u have any idea where i can find them?

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