Review of Cuts Churrascaria Restaurant

The other night, we were celebrating the birthday of on eof our friends, and we decided to try Cuts Restaurant at the Movenpick Hotel. And lucky us, it was Ladies Night Mondays, when ladies get 50% off the regular price.

Cuts is a South American Churrascaria style BBQ place that serves grilled meats, poultry, and fish place. They grill huge skewers of different kinds of meat cuts; ranging from beef, veal, lamb, ostrich, chicken, hamour, salmon, king prawns, and a whole lot more. They also grill a pineapple, after dipping it in honey, and this thing tastes just absolutely amazing with the grilled meats.

They get those giant skewers to your table, where they cut it fresh into your plate, then they repeat serving you till your full. The skewers go around all tables. This BBQ comes with an open salad buffet, and a collection of side dishes and sauces. For me, I thought the side dishes could be improved a little, like adding mash or baby potatoes or some rice. I would also to see some lemon butter sauce and gravy.

Now back to the ambiance of the place. Cuts has a live Columbian band consisting of two musicians who sing, play the piano and the guitar. I forgot how fun it is to dine with a live band playing in the background. Like I mentioned before, we happened to go on a Monday, so we got to use the Ladies Monday 50% discount. They also have a special seafood night every Saturday. We haven’t tried that, but a friend of a friend recommended that we do.

We had a very amazing time, the staff were super helpful and co-operative, the band was sweet and lively, the food was good, and the place was quite and nice. Cuts is located at Movenpick Hotel, Free Trade Zone.


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