My Visit to the Sulaibiya Fresh Vegi & Fruit Market

Back in Ramadan, I went to the new Vegetable and Fruit Market in Sulaibiya area, i.e. Al-Fertha. And I was really impressed with the whole thing. It consists of around 5 semi attached buildings, all air-conditioned, tiled, big, and super clean. The Fertha is in a gated premises, has ample parking and lights in front of all the buildings.

I left the vegetable and fruit pictures unedited, so that you can see how the produce really looks like. It is so fresh, smells wonderful, and is colored with vibrant and healthy radiance. I mean, you won’t believe how fresh these vegetables and fruit are. You won’t find any rotten pieces in what you buy from this Fertha. Price wise, the market is very cheap, especially when compared to our local co-op vegi shops.

There are small coffee shops, refreshments, and snacks in the main building. But I didn’t get a chance to check them out, beacuse I went during Ramadan, and they were all closed.

The market is located in Sulaibiya area, just pass the Central Prison (of all landmarks!!). It’s about 25-30 KMs from Kuwait city, but is a bit shorter on your way back (which will lead you directly to the 4th Ring Rd. or the 80 expressway). I put a map in to help you find it. I don’t recommend taking the 6th Ring Rd., because its loaded with huge trucks that don’t follow any traffic laws.

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