My First Ever Stay at a Crowne Plaza Hotel

I’ve never stayed at a Crowne Plaza hotel before, and to be honest, I was very worried that it would turn out to be a horrible hotel. However, our stay turned out excellent, and I came out with a new found respect to this modern hotel chain.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Manchester City Center Hotel [link], as part of the Man United package we won from Viva-Kuwait [click here for details on how to win].

The hotel and rooms are all decorated in a modern luxurious fashion. The rooms, bathroom, lobby, and restaurant were all furnished to a very modern standard: smart, chic, and functional. While staying there, we also saw Abu Dhabi Channel’s sports people, whom also chose our hotel to stay in.

My experience with this hotel turned out to be very positive. The staff, reception, room service\housekeeping, cleanliness, location, etc. were all great. The metro station is just across the road from the hotel (to the left of the entrance, so no noise disturbance at all) as is the Arndale shopping center (one of Manchester’s largest malls). The Printworks (where the cafes and nightlife are) is just 300 meters away, and accessible through Arndale too. There are at least three great supermarkets within 50 feet, and a lot of small cafes and sandwich shops.

We had a twin room, and both beds were Queen size, which is very rarely seen in English hotels. Also, the bathroom was very modern and elegant, with both a shower room and a bathtub. In my opinion, the room and bathroom were the hotel’s best features. But honestly; even the lobby, reception, and the bar\restaurant were great.

I’m glad I got to experience Crowne Plaza, I’ve never really thought they would be this good.

Crowne Plaza Manchester City Center is rated as 8.8, fabulous 4/5 stars by 270 reviewers on; and ranked 6th out of 123 hotels in Manchester with a 4.5/5 stars by 414 reviewers by

3 Responses to My First Ever Stay at a Crowne Plaza Hotel

  1. Nora says:

    Why every one is in uk at this time of the year?!
    Big sales?

    • buzfairy says:

      I’m not there now, I actually went late October till early November :)

      The big sales I know usually start after Xmas and Newyear, I think it’s still too soon for sales. But the weather there this year is very beautiful, no too cold or too rainy :)

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