This Could be my New Blackberry Phone

This new Blackberry 9790 was announced last month, and it’s already released in Kuwait. This phone has three main advantages over the BB flagship 9900: a keyboard, an autofocus camera, and great battery life.

VIVA announced last week that it’ll have 4G service in Kuwait with the start of the new year [link]. Their 4G network already covers all of the coastal line, plus a lot of other areas. Since I really want to try 4G service, I thought of getting a new BB to replace of my old 9700.

For me, the 9790 is a better choice than the 9900: it has a real keyboard, is smaller and thinner and lighter, has strong battery life, and more importantly has autofocus (I can never buy anything that doesn’t have autofocus). Question now is does it have 4G abilities? Sadly, I wasn’t able to get an answer to this question by googling it online.

Note: I’m not saying buy this phone from Eureka. Though Eureka is offering a great price for such a great phone, but  the lack of an Arabic KB gives it a cheaper look IMO. I’ve never used the Arabic KB on my 9700, but I would like the phone to look normal in Kuwait.

Update: I sent a tweet to Zain & VIVA asking them if the BB 9790 is 4G ready. Zain says that it’s not, and I’m still waiting for VIVA’s reply. But the answer obviously should be the same, that the phone isn’t 4G ready.

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