Queen Elizabeth Uses Public Transport in Australia

I was reading somewhere this morning that Prince William, his wife, and Prince Harry had all flown on discount airlines to their cousin’s wedding in Scotland (paying something like just £15-50). They were following their grandmother’s advice to lower their spending and try and cut corners.

I know the English are very well known for their integrity and word-of-honor, so I wasn’t very surprised to find out that the Queen her self had taken her own cost-saving advice. Here’s a picture of her using public transports (albeit appropriately configured for her royal highness).

It’s also worth mentioning that the Boing that flew her to Australia was a charted plane, meaning that neither she nor the British people owned the plane. That’s one amazing cost cutting way to travel, and still travel in style.

3 Responses to Queen Elizabeth Uses Public Transport in Australia

  1. المشعان says:

    عندهم عجز بالمدفوعات

    هالناس تفكر صح

  2. Royal Tram wanasa ;D

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