My New Blackberry Phone

I just got a new Blackberry 9790 phone as a gift from RIM Research In Motion via Ben Sirri group, the people in charge of Blackberry media in Kuwait.

A while back, I drove over my BB9900, and asked RIM people in Kuwait if they recommend a fixing place, but they went even nicer and said that RIM would be happy to send me a brand new BB phone instead.

They wanted to send a BB 9900, but I was eyeing the 9790 ever since it came out in Late December, plus it’s the upgrade of my favorite BB 9700. I love my old 9700, I got it two years ago, and it still looks and feels brand new. I’m sure I’ll love its upgrade too. One thing’s for sure, it’s much thinner than its predecessor, it looks like it went on diet and its clothes became baggy.

I’m going to tryout the new phone over the weekend, and maybe write a review.

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