Lunch at Sakura Fintas






Yesterday we had lunch at Sakura Fintas. I’ve started to fall in love with Sakura again during these past couple of years, their food has gotten tastier and more delicious.

They started to get creative with their makis, and now have several great choices like: caterpillar, volcano, and caramel, that compete really well with other Maki places in Kuwait. I also love their spicy edimame, their crab avocado salad, and many of their starters.

The pictures here are of: spicy crab avocado salad, spicy edimame, prawn tempura, prawn mayo, and the volcano maki.

If you haven’t been to Sakura recently, I recommend you do. They really have improved their menu and began to offer more modern japanese dishes, just like the other newer japanese places in Kuwait.

Sakura has three branches in Kuwait: Crowne Plaza hotel in Farwaniya, Multaqa Al-She3eb on Gulf Rd opposite Corniche club, and Fintas just before Spoons food mall.

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  1. Om Totta says:

    احلي مطعم ياباني بالكويت بس ما حلاته تروحين بالعطله

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