New Funny Sitcoms to Watch

Here are a few new sitcoms that have recently launched, between Sep and Jan, that I like very much.

“Are You There Chelsea” is hilarious. I’m a fan of Chelsea Handler’s books, and this show is a much tamer and more acceptable version of her books (but still unbelievably funny). I’m also glad she’s not actually starring in it, the tall blond girl from “That 70’s Show” is. Chelsea is still in the show, like in every other episode or so. But her role is so way way out there on the other side of her real personality, that the irony is just perfect. I personally recommend you watch this show, just be warned it’s kinda slutty.

Now, another show is “Whitney”. This is also a funny show, and again it borders on adult grownup comedy stuff. It’s about a group of friends, some are in relationships, some are not. The lead characters are very anti typical stereo types. I mean the girl borders on wackety wack, and the guy on ice-cold coolness. Nothing phases him. This show is fresh and funny, and its satire comedic sense is welcomed.

“Last Man Standing” is one of the rare family new sitcoms out this year. It stars Tim Allen, from Home Improvement. His new show stars him in a fatherly figure again. This time, as a parent of an all girl ensemble. Add the wife t that mix, and you get many “pity the dad” moments. This show is entertaining, I wouldn’t say it’s like wow wow (the way Modern Family or The Middle are), but it’s still very fun to watch. Plus it’s clean, which is more than I can say for a lot of the sitcoms out this year.

“Up All Night” is another clean family sitcom. It stars a lot of my favorite actors: Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph, and Will Arnett. I’m glad to add that the sitcom did not disappoint, especially with Maya’s character. She’s an adorable obnoxious egotistic self-centered lunatic. Everything in this show falls into place automatically, the way it is with a perfect cast. A star cast does really make a difference.

One more sitcom I like is “Suburgatory”. It’s a family sitcom, just not as clean as the last two I just mentioned. I wrote about Suburgatory before [here], feel free to check it. This is an OK show, but I much prefer the first 4 sitcoms I mentioned here.

There are a few more new sitcoms you might enjoy; like Two Broke Girls and New Girl. They’re more well known that the ones I mentioned here, so I thought you probably would’ve heard\watched them already. Plus, as much as I like these two shows, I don’t like them as much as the ones I mentioned here.

4 Responses to New Funny Sitcoms to Watch

  1. LadyB says:

    Omg, I absolutely love Chelsea Handler and didn’t know about the show !
    Thanks alot will check them out !

  2. 7amood says:

    want something worth watching?

    check out the following:

    pushing daisies
    white collar
    melissa & joey

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