My Experience with Chef Boutique


Today, me and Basma from 13cups went to Chef Boutique to take their Chinese Cooking class.

Chef Boutique offers different gourmet cooking classes; they’ve got Thai, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Sushi, Pasty, Spanish, and many more. Check this [link] for their March schedule. Prices range from KD 21-29 a course. You get to eat the dishes you make, so I think their prices are reasonable if you factor that in.



They provide you with individual prep tables for each participant, plus individual stoves and ovens too. All the food, ingredients, sauces, cutting boards, and cooking ware are pre-organized in advance for you.



The chef starts by showing you the preparation and cooking steps himself. At the end of each dish, you get to taste his dish for yourself.




After that, you go to your prep station, and start making your own dish. Our first dish was: Seafood Wontons with Capsicum Dressing. The bowl here has the finished Wonton filling, and the Wonton plates shown here belong to me and Basma. And I admit, hers look a lot better than mine :)



I only took a few pictures of our 3-course 3-hour session, mostly of the first dish we made, the Wontons. That’s because we got really busy preparing and cooking, and our hands were messy with food and oils. But I managed to snap one single shot of our main dish: Steamed Scallion Ginger Hamour Fillets.

I must say the dishes we made all looked attractive, tasted great, and were easy to prepare and make. If you had shown me the pictures and told me that they were very easy to make, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But they really were easy, and needed very little time and effort in preparation and in cooking.

I had so much fun tonight, and I’m glad that Basma suggested we take this class. What we did tonight was a fresh change from our normal boring shopping mall\restaurant routine we usually do in Kuwait. This is something different, and its also lots of fun.

Chef Boutique is run my Mrs. Olga and her husband Mr. Victor, and is located in a big villa in Hitteen Area, South Surra, on the main road opposite Al-Salam. Here’s the [link] to their site, Twitter [link], and Facebook [link]. You can also reach them on Tel.9907 8437(English) 9098 9856(Arabic).

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