Luxurious Apartment Building From Missoni

Luxury brand Missoni are designing a very elegant apartment building in the Philippines. It will be the brand’s first residentaila project ever. The complete interior design of the building’s public and social areas (sans the apartments) will be fully designed by Missoni, everything will feature the style of the luxury brand.

The luxury building will cost $315 million and is expected to be done by 2015. Prices start at $85,000 for a one-bedroom apartment, which is damn cheap (though you’ll still have to furnish it yourself).

The public areas look amazing in these pictures, especially the “Canapé” socializing area, the pool, and the outdoor lobby.

The developers want to mimic the real and  natural feel of a tropical paradise, and will have streaming\falling waterways from the top of the buildings all the way down to three giant waterfalls. Plus, every building will have huge sky gardens that will add to that magical Garden of Eden feel.



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