Mubarak Hospital Has a New Patients Building



I was surprised to find out taht there was a whole new patients building in Mubarak Hospital, consisting of several floors, new wings, and a whole lots of rooms and beds.

The building is very pretty, it looks modern, cool, and clean all at the same time. I would say it’s the closest thing from the M.O. Health to look like a private facility hospital.

I think it has like 4 patient floors, each with at least 2 (if not more) wings, and each wing with 10 private rooms, a few public rooms, and two isolation\ICU rooms. I don’t know how many new beds this building has added, but it’s definitely more than 250 extra beds.

The new extension has even got an adjacent modern airy parking lot. You get to this new building from the 2nd entrance after Mubarak Hospital’s emergency entrance (it would be the 1st entrance if you were coming from Hadi hospital side).

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