Stars Without Makeup

New Girl is one of the new sitcoms I watch. It’s a light hearted fun short comedy that revolves around one main girl charechter, surrounded by a few male friends. The show stars Zoey Deschanel as the “New Girl”, and People magazine [link] is showing her without her cute makeup on.

Even though her usual makeup is always soft and light, and not overly done like many of the other Hollywood stars, you can still get a little shocked at how terrible she looks like without her eyeliner and false lashes.

Here are a few more pics of People’s Stars without Makeup.


6 Responses to Stars Without Makeup

  1. Anon-Guest says:

    بنت مايكل جاكسون (باريس) جميلة ما شاء الله و مو محتاجة ميكياج
    و صغر سنها ماله علاقة بالموضوع, البنت قمر و ملامحا نادرة

    بس اللي لفت لي نظري , حسب ما هو مكتوب, انها اختارت “بيوتي آيكون” مثل بيونسيه و هالي بيري اللي يعتبرون خلط ما بين عرقين. يعني مثل حالة باريس

    و فعلا, لاحظت ان معظم اللي من هالطقة تكون ملامحهم مميزة و غريبة بشكل جميل,

  2. bokhaloodie says:

    OMG! are these pictures for aliens LOL sorry im just kidding

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  4. Ryan says:

    Her name is Zoey Deschanel – not Joey F.Y.I :)

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