Review of the Movie Battleship

I went to see Battleship today. I initially got excited about watching it when I saw its trailer a few weeks back, but then I read Mark’s review about the movie, and he didn’t like it much.

However, today I woke up mid-morning and lazy, and just had the urge to watch a movie. Battleship was the 1st and only early show of the day (12.30 pm), so I decided to go see it after all.

I’m so glad I did. I enjoyed the movie so much. It was both action filled and humorous at the same time, and had a lot of light human moments. The movie is well done too. All the ships, ocean, machines, and fighting and action look great; just like you were watching a tight Transformers movie, but with heart and humor.

The movie was action filled, but not too scary. It had a few lovely moments, without overdramatizing it. And the scenery, cast, and special effects are all pretty on the eyes. It’s just a fun clean movie to watch, that luckily ends in a heroic triumph.

You’ll easily recognize most of the main cast members. The star of the movie is the John Carter guy, who is also joined by his TV buddy (from Friday Night Lights). Of course, there’s Rihanna in her first movie rule, and she doesn’t suck. She’s kinda like a tiny fireball with a yoda mouth, running and fighting all the time. And if you’re a fan of True Blood, then you’ll be glad to see one of its stars in the movie too.

Finally, the movie is based on the board game Battleship. If nothing I said here entices you to see the movie, then maybe this tiny fun fact will. The movie is really good.

I had a great Battleship-movie coincidence today, because I got to see one of our very own Kuwaiti battleships while driving on Gulf Road.

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