Johnny Rockets’ New Wagyu Burgers Menu


It looks like Johnny Rockets have introduced a new Wagyu Beef Burger Menu, along with a few well chosen deluxe fries and shakes. The new menu consists of three burgers: The Rocket Single, The Houston, and the Smoke House; and they all come on a special brioche bun. The new side orders on offer are Truffle Oil infused fries sprinkled with parsley, plus the option of having it covered with melted Italian Fontana cheese. And the final additions of the new menu are two luxury shakes, one made with real vanilla beans and custard and the other with real chocolate brownie.


  • As usual with Johnny Rockets, everything on the menu tasted delicious and cooked to perfection. I can’t say that the wagyu beef is that much different than the regular one usually used by Johnny Rockets, because they both taste equally delicious. However, after taking more than one or two bites, you can feel the difference the Wagyu beef adds. I also loved the sweetness and softness on the briocje bun, even though I was initially hesitant in getting it for the fear of having the bun break in my hands while eating. But luckily, the brioche held on tight and did not break, while still remaining soft.
  • The Truffle Oil infused fries were also delicious, and were a lot lighter than regular fries, like they were crisped in an oven rather than being fried. I also loved the sprinkles of parsley, it went great with the hint of truffle taste. I then ordered the Fontana fries, and they came sprinkled with powdered Paprika. They tasted good, especially the taste of the Fontana cheese. But I would recommend you order it with extra cheese, or just stick with the plain truffle oil, because they also taste great.
  • I don’t like Vanilla, so I wasn’t encouraged to try the new Vanilla shake. But I love chocolate shakes, so I immediately went for that. The chocolate shake came mixed with tiny bits of chocolate brownie, which was a nice addition to the already great shake.

All in all, the new dishes and drinks were great. You might not notice the taste of the Wagyu beef at  first, but you will definitely feel its lightness after a few bites. As for the fries, I personally loved the truffle oil fries, but I could see if you still would stick to their regular cheese fries, because really, what can compete with that greatness. But I do recommend you try the new chocolate shake. It’s that good. It’s not over sweet, and yet is delicious to drink with all that brownie bits thrown in.

Our total bill came to KD 17, and that was for: one old burger, one new wagu burger, one new truffle cheese fries, one old cheese fries, two soft drinks, one new milkshake, and one side of large wings. I hope you give the new menu a try.

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