New TV Shows for the Summer



Continuum is a new TV show. It’s a futuristic Sci-Fi police crime\drama show that takes place in our present time. I’ve watched  a few episodes of it so far, and it’s not bad at all. It’ll do till we get our regular shows back.



The other new TV show I found is called Bunheads, and it’s a light drama\comedy. It’s about a dance girl from Vegas that gets married quickly, then moves to a small town. I’ve watched a few episodes of this show too. Though it’s not a great captivating show, it is still funny and light to watch. I actually like it more than JLo Hewett’s The Client List.

Most of my favorite TV shows have either ended or are between seasons, so I went looking for new shows to follow for the summer. That’s how I found two good hsows: Continuum and Bunheads.

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  1. 1998 says:

    From which site do you watch them ???

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