Saudi Women Finally Allowed to Compete in the Olympics

Saudi Arabia has finally approved the participation of its lady athletes in international competitions, like the upcoming London Olympics.

This shocking decision came just a few months after the insistent denial statement of the Saudi Olympic Committee chairman that Saudi women will NOT be participating in the Olympics.

It’s said that the decision to allow Saudi women to compete is backed by King Abdullah. The decision is final, and is a huge welcome and a boost of respect to Saudi women.

Only problem now is to find Olympic level female Saudi athletes, there might not be any of Olympic calibre. The time to the London Olympics is very short, which makes it hard to train Saudi women athletes to compete at an Olympic standard in such a short time span. But we’re sure to see them competing in future Olympics and competitions.

However, there might be one single Saudi female athlete who probably would be able to participate in the London Olympics after all. Dalma Malhas is an international Equestrian star, who has competed in the Youth Olympics in Singapore at the beginning of this year. She’s a US born Saudi of Palestinian origin, with a long history of Equestrian training. She has already been personally invited by the IOC to participate in London (even before Saudi Arabia approved), so she’s very well familiar with the IOC rules and horse-guidelines.

We wish Dalma & Saudi Arabia the best of luck in the London Olympics, but can’t stop ourselves from feeling broken-hearted over Kuwait not participating in them.

Update: Al-Qabas reported that Dalma will not be able to participate at the london Olympics due to an injury to her riding horse, and the deadline to register any changes\horses has already passed. Al-Qabas also reported that other Female athletes will represent Saudi in London, though it didn’t name the athletes yet.

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