Macbook Pro and Air Prices in Kuwait, Dubai & the US

Note that this is not a comprehensive list of all Apple vendors in Kuwait, it’s just a simple list of current prices of some shops. I was shopping yesterday and noticed that xCite had the new laptops, and that their prices were kinda attractive; so I called Digits and asked them what their prices were; then I checked Apple’s online store in UAE & USA.

This is a table of the info I gathered yesterday.

All Prices in KD

Laptop Specs xCite UAE USA Digits
Macbook Pro 13” i7 2.9 Mhz8 RAM 750 HD 520 470 420 540
Macbook Air 11” i5 1.7 Mhz4 RAM 128 SSD 390 350 310 410
Macbook Air 13” i5 1.8 Mhz4 RAM 256 SSD 520 470 420 540
Notes All laptops are Apple’s latest editions. With Arabic KeyBoard Official Apple Store – With Arabic KeyBoard Official Apple Store – W\out Arabic KeyBoard With Arabic KeyBoard – Prices not confirmed till they officially get the laptops in 2 weeks.

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