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I asked my cousin to get me the new $79 Kindle, when he comes back from the States. I told him to buy the cheapest one, the one that’s sold for just $79. This version comes with ads, but I don’t mind, because they only appear on the screen saver or at the bottom of the home page, and never when I’m actually reading my book.

Now, I’m not new to Kindle. I got a second generation Kindle for my birthday 3-4 years ago, and I’ve been using it almost daily since then. That Kindle comes with a wireless connection, so you can buy books and update the software. But the wireless service never worked in Kuwait, and the book buying issue was somewhat sneaky (you’ve got to set up a new amazon account, with a US address, then buy credit vouchers from your regular account and claim it there… quite a lengthy process). Plus, I could never get the date right, because that too has to be done from the States.

So this time round, I made sure to ask my cousin to turn the Kindle on the minute he bought it, just so that it could get connected to wifi there, and sync the date\time. I told him not to bother with anything else like registration or sign in. Just turn the Kindle on for a minute, then turn it off. That’s all he did.

Now here’s the good news. When I got it in Kuwait, I was able to immediately connect it to my wireless router, enter the passport, register it, and even update the software. Now only that, but I could also download books from my old Kindle library (that literally takes 3 seconds to do). Obviously, I registered it to my other amazon account, the one with the US address and all.

I’m loving this new simplicity. The new Kindle is super easy to use and very practical. Plus, there’s always a wifi connection to get new books and stuff, so you’re never bored.

But I think I like reading on my old Kindle more. That ink there is soft grayish, where as it’s dark black on the new Kindle. Either way, I will still be using both.

So there you have it. There won’t be a problem in using your new Kindle in Kuwait.

Mark of 248am has a great review of the Kindle, you have to check out his review too [link].

5 Responses to Using Kindle in Kuwait

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  2. Yousef says:

    MABROOK! Kindle’s are the best and the best thing about it is the battery life! the Kindle touch is awesome too! bas the ADs ynarfizoun shway mu?

    • buzfairy says:

      Allah eybarik feek.

      Yeah I love the Kindle, and this new one is even better than my old one. I frankly didn’t expect it to work wirelessly in Kuwait, that’s why I never got a new Kindle. This one was so cheap, it’s not worth skipping on.

      About the ads, my new screen is stuck on an ad for a Batman lego set!! Does that classify as annoying? ;)

  3. May says:

    I am planning on ordering a kindle soon….any recommendations? will I be able to download any book online? Thanks for your feedbacks.

    • buzfairy says:

      I have two kindles. The first one was a 2nd generation kindle, and its wifi doesn’t work in Kuwait. I had to set up a new amazon account, put an american address there, then cashed in gift vouchers that i bought from my main amazon account. I bought books from amazon that way, and i also just downloaded books from the net and transferred them via usb.

      The 2nd kindle i got is the one u see in this post. I registered the device with my american amazon account, and started using its wifi immediately without problems.

      After i got my new kindle, a few new ones came out including a brand new touch one with light. I don’t know much about these ones. But if u allow me, i wud advice against getting a touch one. The kindles that are without a keyboard are tiny, and you’ll accidentally hit the touchscreen all the time. That would bother me.

      However, the one with light has a great feature in that u can read it in the dark.

      Whatever you chose, if they are like my new kindle, then u won’t have a problem using it in kuwait.

      Good luck

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