Ramadan Kareem from Obama and Peres تهنئة إسرائيل و أمريكا برمضان



Israeli President Peres made a video to wish Muslims a Happy Ramadan. He greets us with Arabic phrases like ‘Alsallam 3alaikum” and “Ramadan Kareem”, and even speaks more Arabic during the vid. His greeting was nice, polite, lighthearted and very respectful.

To be honest, I thought that the video was a prank, because it was just so lighthearted, especially at the end when he asks to friend him on Facebook. But the video is on his youtube channel, so you can’t get more official than that!



This is President Obama’s Ramadan greeting. His speech is more formal, but is filled with more arabic words and even words from the Quran, like “eqra2″.

Thanks goes to both preseidents for sharing our celebration of Holy Ramadan.

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