Huge warehouse fire in Riyadh حريق كبير في مستودع في الرياض




A huge fire erupted in a warehouse in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. The smoke was very thick and could be seen from areas as far as North Riyadh. Luckily, there weren’t any casualties, and all workers got evacuated off site [link].

Warehouse fires in Kuwait, and now it seems in Saudi too, are mainly caused by poor storage practises of highly inflammable goods. It would do us all good to have fire inspectors go through safety procedures in suspicious places and order them to have a proper fire extinguisher system and proper water sprinklers. It would be much better  and a lot safer to prevent (and put out) fires before they erupt and spread into major fire disasters.

Sadly, we always take stuff like this very lightly in our countries and so end up with long and dangerous fires, causing lots of losses in property and resources.

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