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I had a taste of some desserts from the newly established The British Bakery, and they were amazing.

The dessert I had is called “Mini Sweets”. They are round balls covered with coconut shavings, and smelled really tempting. When I took my first bite, the texture reminded me of qraiba and I was afraid it would be just as dry. But it tasted nothing like qraiba, it was surprisingly moist (which was weird, because it wasn’t wet), and had sweet tiny marshmallows inside.

I definitely recommend these treats, they were very yummy. The box I had was the large balls, 10-12 balls, but they also have small size balls 40 per box. Both boxes are sold for KD 10.

They have other desserts, like English Biscuits and Mini Fruit Delights. You can see more of The British Bakery’s products on their instagram account #TheBritishBakery.

The British Bakery desserts are all home made, with British ingredients. You can order via WhatsApp on 5589-5217, BBM 285810D2, and through instagram @TheBritishBakery.

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  2. bokhaloodie says:

    bel 3afia sis .. i hope you like it :)

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