Play football with Google’s new doodle



For the past two days, Google’s Olympic doodles have all been interactive games that you get to play on your computer by using the keyboard.

Today’s Olympic doodle is about football. You’re the goalkeeper and have to defend your goal against the ball, and you get to jump and block the ball and go sideways too.

You’ve got to try it, it’s such a silly fun way to waste time, and it’s much easier than the canoe one Google put up two days ago [link].

3 Responses to Play football with Google’s new doodle

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  2. N3VER2LATE says:

    Google’s doodles are the best, I wonder if there is a whole team dedicated to these doodles, or just one person who sits around and comes up with these great ideas

    • buzfairy says:

      I think it’s a whole department. The doodles are usually amazing and creative, I would assume it takes a lot of people to come up with them :)

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