Kaifan\National Industries bridge demolished هدم جسر الصناعات

Kaifan bridge, more commonly known as el9ena3at bridge, has been demolished. It’s probably a part of the Jahra Rd. new improvement project.

The bridge used to be one of the best maintained in Kuwait. The tar was always smooth, and the road it’s on always felt wide and spacious. Plus, it was on one of the straightest roads in Kuwait. I know all this doesn’t make much sense, but it was a great bridge.

As for the whole Jahra Rd. improvement, it’s a complete mess right now. And I personally fear it’ll end up just as messy and frustrating as the 1st Ring Rd. improvement.

I’ll miss el9ena3at bridge as much as I miss the old Sheraton Roundabout AND the old 1st Ring Rd. They were all perfect, smooth and easy.

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