A new and enjoyable tv show: Touch



Touch is a new supernatural\mystery\thriller TV show, starring Kiefer Sutherland in a great new role.

Sutherland plays the father of an autistic boy, who can’t communicate or talk to his kid. The boy is a genius with numbers, and has the ability to decipher sequences and translate them into real-life events. Sutherland just needs to discover his son’s talent first, then start to understand what his kids is trying to tell him.

The sequence of events, acting, tightness of the plot\sub plots is all superb. That makes this show one of the best new thrillers to come in recent years.

I honestly was very surprised, mainly because I find Sutherland completely annoying, especially with all the shouting he did in 24. But in this new show, he is quite and balanced, and adds a real sense of calmness to a great human story, so you can really concentrate on the story and events.

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