Robin Van Persie moves to Manchester United

Robin Van Persie, Arsenal’s head striker, has transferred to Manchester United in a £24 million bid; making him one of the most expensive players at Man United right now.

The deal wasn’t announced till a couple of days ago, which kinda sucks for a friend of mine. My friend bought the new Arsenal shirts with Van Persie’s name on them just two weeks ago. And now he’s stuck with his new but completely worthless shirts, like an old last-season’s jersey.

The Arsenal shop refused to return, refund, or even exchange them. Shame on you Arsenal, you just lost a respectable fan. Or not. It’s kinda hard to stay mad at these top football clubs.

Anyways, back to the story of the day. Van Persie informed Arsenal he didn’t want to extend his contract with them any further, and so he got offers from both Man City and Juventus, but he wanted Man United. When Man U. got word of this, they made him a great offer and signed him on ASAP.

Van Persie may play for Manchester United as soon as this Monday, in their game against Everton. And now it’s my time to say my luck sucks, coz we were at the Man U. vs. Everton game last season!! I can’t even imagine how it would feel like to be there in the stadium for his first ever game with the red devils.

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  2. Not that your friend shouldn’t be a little upset, but it’s been pretty well known since the European Championship that Van Persie wouldn’t be back with Arsenal this year.

    Perhaps he should have invested in a Jack Wilshere jersey.

    • buzfairy says:

      When i say my friend, i meant a stupid teenage cousin ;) …. And he’s so unlucky coz he also got a wilshire shirt with his old number 19!!!

      Whilshire now wears rvp’s old number 10 :p

      But he kida solved it, coz he wet a towel and peeled off the name, then printed cazorla on it :p

      I’m very impressed u know the english league so well :))

  3. Wow. That is unlucky. Did he invest in a Song jersey too? Haha

    I actually enjoy following the epl quite a bit. I’m surprised you do too. Do you prefer the Spanish or English league?

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