Review of Humbah Burgers Shuwaikh

I’ve never been to Humbah’s shuwaikh branch before. But we’ve used their catering\cooking trucks many times before at home, so I’m very familiar with their food.

Yesterday, we had some business in Shuwaikh, and decided to go try Humbah. I wasn’t exactly sure where they were located, so I used Urban Moon (free local guide\directory app) to locate it.

  • Humbah’s decorations are very basic, but still cute and colorful.
  • They’ve got 4 tables, each seating 4 people.
  • They serve beef and chicken burgers, hotdogs, fries, one appetizer, and juice\soft drinks.
  • Their special sauces are Humbah and miteena, the first is mayo based and the other is a sweetish one.
  • You control the music and playlists, via an iPad mounted on the wall.

The food was nice and tasty. We enjoyed the burgers more than the hotdog, which tasted like regular Americana ones, but we also liked the fries. The food is not gourmet style burgers, so don’t go comparing it to other fancier places. That said, the burgers were very tasty, the bun was soft and appetizing, and the sauces added that extra deliciousness.

Another plus point is hand sanitizer and wet wipes they provide, that was a nice gesture. However, there are some notes to beware of: The ventilation is a little poor, so you’ll leave with a strong cooking smell. Only go there if you were wearing casual clothes. Plus, their food selection is limited to burgers, hotdogs, and fries. There aren’t any salads or starters (apart from one cheese sticks dish).

Obviously, I highly recommend you try the place; especially with their super friendly service.

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