Dark Knight Rises was way too long


I went to see The Dark Knight Rises last week, and it ran close to three hours. Here in this vid we have several alternate story endings, any of which would’ve tremendously cut the movie’s time.

Anyways. TDKR was a super awesome movie, everyone should go see it; just note that both Batman and Catwoman were also super annoying in it. But other than them, every other character was really cool.

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  2. Nasser says:

    You do know that both Batman and Catwoman are the main characters in the movie, right? ;p

    • buzfairy says:

      They annoyed the hell out of me. Oh my god what terrible lines they had. And their frozen acting? Don’t even get me started on that. I was so thrilled there were other central characters, wela chan enta7arr ;)

  3. I “dislike” Christian Bale but I think Anne Hathway did an incredible job with her character. Check out my EXTREME Review on YouTube :)

    • buzfairy says:

      It’s not about me liking or disliking them, but they just seem to be like support characters more than the lead ones in TDKR. They had terrible lines, delivered them terribly, and acted even more horribly.

      But I checked your review, and I think it’s awesome. I also checked some of your other reviews, like the one you did on JB. I’m going to post a shout out to your channel bcoz I was thoroughly entertained by ur reviews, and I think people might enjoy them too.

      Keep up the great work Jack :)

  4. Oh this must be my day! Lots of good things have happened today including this and a few more things will hopefully happen later on today! Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate the support :D

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