Kuwait posts red traffic light violators on Twitter

If you want to know who crossed which traffic light, where and when they did it, their car number or name; then all you have to do is go to this new twitter account to find all that out. The account recalls a lot of violators, from way back in ’06-’07 to this day. This is the link @KWTrafficViolMon if you want to spy (or pry) on these poor people.

Obviously, this is a huge infringement of people’s privacy, and the M.O.Interior can be easily sued by anyone they ever tweeted about. That what makes me unsure if this really is an official M.O.Interior account or not. The account can easily belong to someone who’ve had a family member get hurt, or even die, from a traffic light crossing; and so they want to raise public awareness to this dangerous and stupid violation.

Update: The M.O.Interior denies any relations to this fake twitter account:


Update 2: This hack thing is more serious than we thought, click [here] to find out.

4 Responses to Kuwait posts red traffic light violators on Twitter

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  2. Abdullah says:

    They shut down the account

    • buzfairy says:

      Wow, that was quick. How did they manage to do that? I mean even if it’s the M.O.Interior asking Twitter to shut the acct down, it’s quite strange to see that done in such a short time.

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