Serious update on the red traffic light violations hacker



The issue is way more serious than just posting about a few running-a-red-light violations [link] with names and dates.

It turns out that the same guy was also able to collect complete information of Kuwait University students (including bank accounts and home addresses),  AND full information regarding legal cases and offences of people from the M.O.Justice (by generating their civil ID numbers).

This guy is rumoured to be an Egyptian working for our government, named Sameh Ahmad or something like that. On the bright side, it seems that catching this guy might be a semi-easy task (like 90% sure), only if the authorities decide to issue the relevant warrants and start investigating.

I got all this info. from the video I posted here. It’s a shame really that internet security expert, Abdulla Al-Ali, is an unpaid volunteer investigating all this on his own accord and initiative.  I vote for the M.O.Interior to immediately hire him as an outside expert and consultant, and allow him to beef up their systems’ security.

This is some serious business here. We can’t have our personal, bank, and legal details exposed in the open like this. This is precisely why Americana and Europeans refuse to provide their governments with personal and important details without proper warrants. It’s because their information can be easily hacked and their privacy exposed and spread in the open. Or worse, be used in illegal activities and identity thefts.

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