A few good and new sitcoms


Towards the end of the summer, I had a hard time finding good TV shows to watch. It seemed that every show I like was either on break, just ended for the season, or has ended for good. It was especially hard these past few weeks, when a lot of the summer shows ended for the season.

So I went online and found a few new good shows. These three here are the ones I liked the most.



Citizen Khan is a BBC comedy, about a Muslim Pakistani family living in Birmingham England. It’s fresh, hilarious, and just brilliant. If you’re a religious fanatic who can’t appreciate a funny joke, then this show isn’t for you.



Mathew Perry stars in this new show, Go On. He’s forced to join a support group, after his wife dies unexpectedly. He’s got a funny take on death, and the guys\gals in his support group represent all the major stereo types out there.



I just love the grandma on “The New Normal” show, she’s racist and homophobic all at once.

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