Great offer on BMW X5 from Ali Al-Ghanim

BMW’s local dealership has a great offer on the 2013 X5. They’re selling it for just KD 17,900, and will throw in free full insurance, 5 years of warranty and 4 years of free service.

Call 1846464 for more details. And no, Marzouq is not trying to bribe me for the next elections, I got this via regular annoying SMS ads. I though the price was a bargain, so I posted about it.

Note: I forgot to add that a new model X5 is coming out next year (click [here] for spy pics), that’s why there are discounts and offers on the existing models. Thanks Abdullah for reminding me to mention it to everyone.

9 Responses to Great offer on BMW X5 from Ali Al-Ghanim

  1. Yousef says:

    LOOOOOOOOL “And no, Marzouq is not trying to bribe me for the next elections” !!!!

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  3. Abdallah says:

    We all know everything happens for a reason. This discount is for 2 reasons. First, their launching a totally new different looking X5 very soon. Second, they will start selling a new SUV soon that would compete with the other SUVs BMW has..

    • buzfairy says:

      I know a new model is coming out next year, but I still think the price is great for a brand new X5. I updated the post, but really, everyone knows a new model is coming out, so there wasn’t a point to mention. If you’re going to buy a 20 thousand dinar car, first thing you check is when will its style change.

      But thanks for reminding me, no harm in putting a tiny warning to people out there.

      • Abdallah says:

        Thank you for mentioning me in the post.. I agree the price itself is a great deal.

        • buzfairy says:

          7ayyak allah… I had already checked about the latest model before I posted, to make sure I’ve got informed info. :)

          The spy pics I got of the new X5 were ugly, like art car ugly, so I decided not to put them… And after your comment, now they have their own post :)

  4. is this for the base X5? v6 engine?

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