Jack Al-Mazidi: A talented Kuwaiti movie\music critic



I came by this guy by accident, when I posted before a vid of the Dark Knight Rises alternate endings (the real stops at which the movie could’ve\should’ve really ended). I got a vid reply comment from a young Kuwaiti, who made a critic of it.

I honestly was fascinated by his review, and thought he sounded very professional (way more professional than the way we bloggers write a review). I even learned a few new things about the movie (like how it really wasn’t an Imax at all, it barely had 15 whole minutes in the whole movie), and how it subliminally resembles Inception.

This young Kuwaiti, I’m assuming a teenager to late teenager, is named Jack Al-Mazeedi. He’s got a good future ahead of him if he keeps doing reviews like these. He might even get his own TV or radio show. He also does reviews of musical albums, random tech stuff (like laptops and games), and important sporting events.

Check out his youtube channel [link]. He’s done The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Men in Black III, and a whole lot more.

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