Crime never pays إلقاء القبض على حرامي صندوق إعانة المرضى

 Qatar just arrested the Egyptian accountant who embezzled and stole close to KD 4 million from PHFS (Patients Helping Funds Society) in 2006. The criminal is being extradited to Kuwait, and will start his 7-year jail sentence.

PHFS is one of the biggest health charities in Kuwait, and is responsible for the management of huge amount of charity money. This theft casted a very dark shadow over the legitimacy of its operations and over their work procedures. A lot of people stopped handing out money to them, for fear of the money will lose its way and get in the hands of thieves and criminals.

I’m glad we finally caught this guy, but still wish that his sentence included he pay back what he stole, or for him to rote in jail till he does. Plus, it is kinda of sad (and embarrassing) to know that he wasnfreely living his life, was out and about going here and travelling there.

How in the hell was he not afraid of us, of the sentence hanging over him by a country like Kuwait. If they had cough him somewhere far, like in the jungles of South America or the slumps of Asia, then it might be a little easier to absorb. But to catch in in neighbouring Qatar is, frankly, very shameful to our police system.

[Pic credit Al-Qabas]

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