Illegal parking & car blocking in Kuwait

The police impounded a car that was parked illegally in front of several ambulances. The hospital had an emergency and needed an ambulance, but couldn’t send one because they were all blocked.

I had a similar experience the other day leaving the gym, though in no way am I comparing my experience with that of a blocked ambulance. I’m only pointing to the fact that this behavior is fairly typical in Kuwait.

Anyways, when I left the gym, I discovered a car parked in front of mine, effectively blocking me in. I looked for a number, but didn’t find one. I waited 15 minutes, then decided to call the police. They came within a half hour, just as the guy showed up.

He tried arguing with them, giving them lame excuses like he thought I lived in the building and that the 7ares was there (he wasn’t, he was with his friends in baqala). The police wondered what I would do if I had an emergency and needed to leave, but he didn’t have an answer to that. They gave him 3 or 4 fines totaling KD 70; for illegal parking, road obstruction, parking on a curb, plus something else.

If you drive, then you must respect traffic laws. Do park legally, do not speed. Respect other drivers, and be considerate of their rights too. I didn’t have an emergency, thank God, but someone else might’ve. Nothing gives you the right to behave like a prick. But if you, we’ve got the police to hurl you back to the track.

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3 Responses to Illegal parking & car blocking in Kuwait

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  2. Dida says:

    At least the cops showed up for you.. I was stuck in The parking lots beside Bustan (I parked correctly & got blocked) for an hour, called the cops & they never bothered showing up! The prick that blocked me even gave me attitude when he finally showed up an hour & half… The idiot didn’t care one bit about his disrespectful behavior!!! I should have smashed his windshield or deflated his tires… Maybe he would have some respect next time!

    • buzfairy says:

      Yeah, I think I was lucky them came. If they hadn’t, and the guy just left like that, I don’t know how I wud feel. Probably super pissed to say the least.

      I definitely would have flat tyred him or broke his windshield or something equally criminal. Thank god the police came, and taught him a lesson on my behalf.

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