My car’s fabric roof fell down

I need help with this. A part of the fabric ceiling of my car fell down, as in it’s no longer clinging to the interior’s ceiling. It looks like a huge air bubble.

I didn’t think it was serious, because:

  1. It’s still fixed in and hasn’t fell.
  2. It looks like it just needs a bit of vacuuming to suck the air out of it.
  3. It’s made of fabric. How serious can a fabric issue be in a car?

Well, we took it to the dealer’s this morning, and they said that they’ll fix it for Kd 1,000. Say what!! They have to take down the whole part, and replace the whole interior roof with a new one, even though the sagging part is just a circle of 30-40 cm and not the whole roof.

Now I know that there are many car customization shops in Kuwait, and some of them do excellent interior finishings. I just don’t any of them. If anyone has a recommendation or a fix, then please share it with me. I need to fix this, but would love to do it for something much cheaper than KD 1,000.

The part I need to change or fix is called a headliner, and it actually used to be a very common problem in cars made back in the 1970’s. I just find it strange to see in modern cars like mine.

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  2. المشعان says:

    قوه و كيف الحال

    موضوعها سهل و بسيط

    اي محل تنجيد داخليه و كشنات بشويخ ممكن يسويها ٣٠ – ٥٠ دك

    انصح بمحلات التنجيد الي ورا الصيداوي بشويخ

    • buzfairy says:

      Hi, shlonik? long time no hear. How r u? Hope everything’s well with you. And thanks for the tip, I’ll go check them.

  3. المشعان says:
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