No one is getting high this 3eed

Two men tried to smuggle a kilo of hash into Kuwait on a truck coming from Iraq, but were caught by the authorities. So I think it means that anyone who wants to get a puff should just get on a plane to Amsterdam for 3eed vacation. It’s certainly a long enough one.

3 Responses to No one is getting high this 3eed

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  2. i-Found says:

    hehe i dont understand why u posting this .. but i also think they abandon tourists from gettin to coffeshops lately read it somewhere not sure though .. u need to double check if thats ur core

    • buzfairy says:

      I don’t know why I posted it. I just thought it was funny and ironic. And honestly, I don’t know if tourists are banned now from cafes. All I know is KA’s flight to Amsterdam is always a very popular one :p , so I won’t be that sure that it’s a clean country now.

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