Fixing my car’s falling headliner


A few days ago, I posted about a problem I’m having with my car. The fabric on the inside ceiling (called headliner) was falling and a part of it was sagging. A lot of readers helped me and recommended a few shops. Here’s a summary of those places:

  • Ehsan Dana in Shuwaikh and Sharq are the best in Kuwait. They are expensive, but also the best for luxury cars. They quoted me a price of KD 220 for changing the whole ceiling and fixing in a new one. The price is better than the dealer’s 1,000.
  • The car shops opposite Al-Rayya complex just before the phone shops. These shops are ok for regular cars, when you just want the problem fixed but it doesn’t have to look good afterwards. They quoted me KD 40 for fixing just the damaged part. They said they’ll shave a tiny layer of the underlying sponge (which is adhered to the fabric), then glue the fabric\sponge back to the ceiling. They’re not replacing anything, which is why their price is cheap.
  • The shops in Shuwaikh Industrial behind the Saidawi factory. I haven’t checked these places out yet, because every other shop seem to only (and enthusiastically) recommend Ehsan Dana for my car.

Ehsan Dana is the best, while the shops opposite Al-Rayya are the worst. I still haven’t found any shops that fall in the middle category, something better than Al-Rayya but cheaper than Ehsan. The latter is crazy with their price because they do a lot of customization for dealerships. Just today, there were ten new (no license plates) Prados ready to be fixed with screens and leather seats. That’s why I think they don’t discount for regular individual jobs.


Anyways, I’m going with Ehsan Dana unless I find some place just as good. They have an extensive range of headliners and were able to get my exact fabric and color tone in a matters of seconds, I don’t think many places in Kuwait would be able to do that.

Here are a few pictures of their work, taken from their website:



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  3. john says:

    well then you need to try this place its in shuwaikh near oxygen round about infront of sabah car wash. The name of the company is Muhammed Ashraf company.Does all kind of car interior amazing place and their pricing is affortable.

    • buzfairy says:

      Thank you very much for the tip, I will check them out. I still haven’t fixed the roof, because I’m afraid they won’t get the airbags done right. I was waiting to check with the dealership first. So this will give me a chance to check Ashraf out. Thank you :)

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