Video of tonight’s violence حقيقة ما حدث الليلة في مسيرة كرامة وطن



ليلة سوداء بتاريخ الكويت

تصوير فيصل الباشا
سميت بالمسيرة الكبرى والتي أقيمت في يوم الأحد 21/10/2012 والتي تداعى عليها عدد كبير من المواطنين الرافضين لتعديل آلية التصويت بمرسوم ضرورة ..
في هذاالفيديو :
* اشتباكات عند أبراج الكويت
* سيدة كويتية تحاول منع القوات الخاصة
* مروحية تحوم 3 ساعات مراقبة للأحداث من سماء الكويت
جملة من الاعتقالات لبعض المتظاهرين *
لمزيد من التفاصيل :
جريدة حياد الإلكترونية
تويتر :

11 Responses to Video of tonight’s violence حقيقة ما حدث الليلة في مسيرة كرامة وطن

  1. bob says:

    this was very hard and sad to see. i just dont get why?

    why did the special forces take it easy on them?! why didnt they beat them harder?!?

    we must extinguish these parasites and the virus and lies they spread,

    • abdullah says:

      Bob i agree with you inshalkah they jail all the protesters and theyvshould havr hit them harder i swear my alligence to kuwait and BABA SABAH i love q8 and baba sabah

      • buzfairy says:

        Abdullah. Don’t be so childish. Their (and my) allegiance is to Kuwait and the Emir too. Please don’t use my blog to spread stuff like this. I don’t agree with it, and I won’t allow my blog to be used to accuse people this way.

        If you have an opinion, then please do share it with us. But if all you want to do is prove your loyalty, then remember that we are all Kuwaitis, and none of us needs to prove anything to anyone.

    • buzfairy says:

      Kuwait is full of money, and the government wants to waste and steal that without answering to anyone.

      No where in the world is there a people who so tirelessly and stupidly refuse to have a say in running their country, and would rather have a group of corrupt men do it for them.

      I for one won’t relinquish my right so easily, no matter how many times you and others say you love the Emir more or label me as a traitor.

      Name calling is the easiest thing to do.

  2. Q8i says:

    يحطون حريمهم عشان ما يقربون القوات الخاصة ؟ الله لا يوفق الي يبي يخرب الكويت يتطاولون على الامير و يسببون الفتنه و يفرقون بين الشعب الكويتي و يدخلون بديانات و المستوى الهابط في الحوار

  3. Andrew says:

    I totally agree with Bob

    • buzfairy says:

      When ur name is Andrew, you don’t get a say in our business buddy.

    • buzfairy says:

      Umkhaloodie tells me you’re Kuwaiti. If that’s true, I apologize for telling you to stay out.

      Feel free to continue, though I probably will still disagree with you.

  4. UmKhaloodie says:

    My friend is called Andrew and he is a Kuwaiti Christian- what the hell has his name got to do with anything? That’s a bit racist ain’t it?

    • buzfairy says:

      Of course his opinion is important and valid if he was a Kuwaiti, and I didn’t know he was.

      I know most of the Kuwaiti christian families, never came across Andrew before.

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