Beautiful: The Old Chest Diseases Hospital جميل: المستشفى الصدري القديم

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This is the old Chest Diseases Hospital in Kuwait city, it was built in the 1950’s. I found the building by coincidence, when I was fixing my car headliner problem the other day.

The building is in Sharq, right beside the new huge Tijariya tower on Al-Door street. I must have passed the building hundreds of times before without noticing it, mainly because its front facade faces the back and not the main road. What you see from the main road is an old building’s none-descriptive wall.

The building is very beautiful, but is very run down and abandoned. The doors and gate are all wide open, and anyone can go in and take a peek. I for one am not adventurous, so I settled with taking pics from outside. The building is really really beautiful, even on this run down rotten state. I don’t understand why the National Council of Arts doesn’t renovate it like it did with similar old building, like the Nurses home on Gulf Rd. and Almadrisa El-Qibliya.

Here is what I could find about this hospital:

  • It was built in the 1950’s by the Ministry of Public Works.
  • It was designed and built by Kuwaitis.
  • Most of the Kuwait’s public work in that era was designed and built directly by Al-Ashgal.
  • Most of them are architecturally beautiful to this day.
  • Contracting of its work to construction and contracting companies started in the 1970’s, and co-incided with an era of ugly utilitarian buildings and projects (my personal opinion).

2 Responses to Beautiful: The Old Chest Diseases Hospital جميل: المستشفى الصدري القديم

  1. Yousef says:

    It is amazing! Perfect for photo shoots! But I think its too creepy….. like the old amiri hospital!

    • buzfairy says:

      Actually, when I looked at it (and it was in the middle of the day), it looked like a haunted house.

      With those doors open like that, and that long corridor so straight and vacant, you really get the feeling that the only reason them doors are open is so ghosts fly in and out freely and uninterrupted.

      Yumma, so scary.

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