Kuwait’s Stunning Golden Jubilee Monument النصب التذكاري لدستور الكويت





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Sh. Sabah Al-Ahmad, the Emir of Kuwait, unveiled tonight the new Golden Jubilee monument of Kuwait’s Constitution, located at Martyr’s Park in Kuwait City.

The monument is stunning, breathtaking, magnificent, world class, and 100% superb. We haven’t seen structures this amazing in Kuwait in a really long time. The only other thing I would compare this to is probably the opening of The Scientific Center some 20 years ago.

The monument is located at Martyr’s Park (also known as The Green Belt area), on both Soor Street and the 1st Ring Road, and directly across from the new huge Tijariya tower. The park is public and open to everyone for free, during opening hours of course.

The monument consists of two huge golden slates, located at the apex of a beautiful garden with colorful water fountains. It has several natural looking benches to sit on. I would suggest you visit the park evening time and onwards, to experience both the lights brightly lighting the monument and the colored light shadows on trees and plants.

Note: All pictures were taken with a samsung Galaxy note II. I am really impressed with this phone. Its camera and vid are both great for spontaneous shooting, especially for night time photography.

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