Breaking Records: 100 million Samsung Galaxy S phones sold

Samsung Galaxy S3 100 million units sold

Samsung just sold its 100 millionth Galaxy S phone. It got to this huge milestone in less than 3 years, since it launched the S in May 2010. In comparison, the iPhone took 4 years to reach the same figure.

With every new Galaxy S update, more phones of it are sold. This means that Samsung is able to improve and advance on an already very successful product.

I personally have the Galaxy Note II (not the S, but nearly identical to it). I got it when it was released in October to replace my BB. Within a week, the Note II became my main digital accessory. I hardly use my iPhone anymore except to make calls. Twitter, Instagram, browsing, blogging, sharing, pictures and videos (amazing camera, check here and here) are all much faster on the Galaxy.

One of the best features I love so much with the Galaxy is the S-Beam. You can instantly share pictures (imagine sending 10 pics at once to a whatsapp contact) and files to another Galaxy just by clicking them together. One other thing I love is the affordability of this new advanced technology, the S3 and Note II are all cheaper (and better) than iPhones.

The Galaxy S4 is (most probably) coming out this April. I can’t wait to see what new technologies that model brings us.

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  3. Rehab says:

    The title is misleading, not 100 million S3, but 100 million Galaxy S brand…

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