This is totally how I put on my makeup

Honest makeup tutorial video



The most honest makeup tutorial vid you’ll ever see.

  • Remove stray fallen hair from the makeup brush – check.
  • Put on foundation with fingers – check again.
  • Continue to put on creams and primers that obviously haven’t done a thing – triple check!
  • Using some mascara that you got for free – check (bless Loreal for mine too).

3 Responses to This is totally how I put on my makeup

  1. dalal says:

    البوست عن الميكب و الفيديو بلقيس ( جلسة وناسه) ؟؟؟؟

    • buzfairy says:

      أمبيه. شلون دخل الفيديو عرض!! مشكورة إنج نبهتيني، عدلته. شوفي االفيديو الأصلي الحين

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