This is how Americans do politics

Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 5  Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 4

Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 3  Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 2

Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama  Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 6

Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 7  Julia Louise Dryfus Joe Biden Michele Obama 8



Julia Louise-Dreyfus killed it at the White House Correspondents dinner. She had lots of politicians with her: the US VP (getting a #45 tattoo, like in the next 45th president of the United States), the first lady (eating ice cream, saying raisons are fruit and fruits are healthy), speaker of the house (their version of our Marzouq, he’s the guy watching pandas on tv), and the minority leader (lady in red). Watching this video makes you want to go and vote for all of them. They were all stars.

It’s the exact opposite of what Marzouq’s interview did last night [here and other here]. His interview made him look spiteful and petty, so unbecoming of his position as the 2nd most important man in Kuwait after the Emir. Someone who is supposed to be a main force of neutrality between disputing MPs or the between the parliament and the government, and a force in the face of major crises. The way he went on and on over Musallam Al-Barrak  reminds you of a high school kid, outcasted by his mates, running to his teachers with lies and telltales, to make him look all powerful and important. That’s not how you do it in politics Marzouq. Very unsmart and so unprofessional of him. He really showed that he doesn’t deserve that position.

Now back to this video. Loved how she made fun of The House of Cards. She nailed Kevin Spacey spot on. Seriously, if you haven’t watched that show, go right now and do it.

Another vid of Yahya the Egyptian

Yahya American Hustle movie Jimmy Kimmel



I just love this guy. No wonder Jimmy Kimmel hired him for his show.

Angelina Jolie in Hijab آنجلينا جولي بالحجاب

Angelina Jolie in hijab head cover

Angelina Jolie is a UN special envoy for refugees and a previous ambassador of UNHCR. This is a picture of her visiting one of the Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon.

The great Samuel L. Jackson



Never confuse Samuel L. Jackson with any other black dude. Especially not with Laurence Fishburne.

Interesting fact: Did you know that Samuel L. Jackson is richer than Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Robin Williams, Sandra Bullock, Al Pacino, AND Bin Stiller? I didn’t. But I’m surprised wonder, coz he’s so awesome!  [source].

Now the funny bit about this video is the announcer didn’t mistake the two actors, he was actually referring to SLJ’s Captain America Superbowl commercial. But good for him for keeping quite and graciously accepting the rant and verbal spanking. Here’s what the announcer had to say later (sincere and nobel):



Samuel L. Jackson and movie ratings

Samuel L. Jackson and movie ratings



This guy is so cool.

How Ellen decided to host the Oscars

Ellen hosts Oscars



She decided just like anyone decides anything: make a pros con list.

Her list is obviously funnier than any we come up with.

Meeting Ryan Gosling on the street

Lyin not Ryan Gosling prank movie



What would you do if you met Ryan Gosling in person? Most probably pose for a few pics with the sexiest man alive, and maybe push your luck a bit and chat him up.

Ryan Gosling fans in Detroit did just that. Only it wasn’t Ryan, it was a lookalike. Still, most fans were very excited to see him. It was a very funny and hilarious prank movie.

Angelina Jolie on the cover of Time magazine

Angelina Jolie on cover of Tima Magazine

Time magazine chose Angelina Jolie to cover their latest issue. The actress shocked the world this week by announcing that she had a double mastectomy, to prevent any chance of her getting Breast Cancer in the future.

Angelina Jolie on cover of Alqabas Kuwait

Al-Qabas posted the same news on its first page yesterday. They were ridiculously chastised by some ignorant and dense people, who apparently were titillated by Angelina having her breasts cut out. This is a scary fatal medical procedure, and not some sensual sexual movie scene you sick fools.

It took tremendous courage from her to go with this completely preventative procedure. Her courage might encourage other women to do the same too.

One of the sexiest women on earth chose to remove her breasts, which present a big part of her sex appeal, just so she may prevent the threat of cancer in the future. That sure will encourage a lot more ordinary normal women to do the same. To lose some of their vanity, and do something to prevent fatal cancer.

And if Brad Pitt, whom is also one of the sexiest men alive, supported and encouraged his girlfriend to have it; then it might also encourage ordinary and regular men to support their spouses in this.

Time magazine called it the Angelina Effect, because the news was huge and it will have a tremendous effect on the way people view genetic testing in death prevention from now on.

Oh no he didn’t



I can’t believe he did this. What a jackass. Reese Withrespoon’s husband shamelessly told the cops that “He had nothing to do with that”, just right after his wife got arrested to trying to defend him. He meant his wife’s attempts to help him, the little coward.

He was drunk, so he probably had meant it too, which is even more pathetic. Poor Reese. She tried everything to help him, even screaming that she “was pregnant”; which is funny and original. A drunken pregnant lady. No wonder they didn’t believe her.

I still think Reese is cute, and she’s an even cuter mess of a drunk.


And here’s the cop “blow blow blow blow blow blow”ing.


Priceless: Jack Nicholson flirts with Jennifer Lawrence



He’s still got it. He’s still shamelessly got it. Half a century older than her meant nothing to Jack. And J-Law had her own priceless zingy and witty replies too, she held her ground real strong. Their exchange was unparalleled.

[Here’s] a link to a better and longer video.

Click [here] if you want to see Jennifer Lawrence’s graceful fall at The Oscars, when she was getting her Leading Lady award.