NBK’s new Hala Hala Zaina commercial



We grew up with this commercial. I didn’t know any kid who didn’t have NBK’s green golden camel piggybank. I even had an aunt named Zaina, and she was young and had black hair like the girl in the commercial, and I thought the commercial was about her.

The new commercial seems exactly like the old one, except for a stronger Kuwaiti pronunciation of Wa6ani at the end. And maybe a softer “ja” when singing ‘aljamal’. And here’s the old Hala Hala Zaina commercial:



Samuel L. Jackson and movie ratings

Samuel L. Jackson and movie ratings



This guy is so cool.

Bollywood MBC قناة بوليوود الجديدة من إم بي سي

Bollywood MBC new channel

MBC is launching a new Bollywood channel.

It’s coming soon, just saw its first ad on MBC2.

Arab Got Talent is back دعاية آراب غوت تالنت

Season 3 of Arab Got Talent



Season 3 of Arab Got Talent starts this Saturday.

Silliest commercial ever, from LG



Best to watch it in HD.

NBK’s 3rd Ramadan commercial إعلان الوطني الرمضاني الثالث

NBK Ramadan commercial

NBK Ramadan commercial 2



This is NBK’s 3rd commercial this Ramadan, here are the [first] and [second] ones.

Here are some of the other Ramadan commercials: Gulf Bank, Rauch, Viva’s [Ramadan] & [Gergai3an], Ahli Bank, and Tijari.

Free iPhone & iPad with Viva آيباد و آيفون ببلاش من فيفا

Viva all inclusive offer with free iphone ipad and router

This ia an amazing offer from Viva. The offer provides you with free gadgets like a free iPhone, iPad and a router; all included in one single 18 month mobile\internet package.

That’s gadgets and internet are worth  Kd 1,150, which get  for just KD 865. Add to this the cost of call minutes, and you’ll be getting services and gadgets for KD 865 instead of KD 1,300.

That’s a savings of KD 450, enough to buy you a brand new Retina MacBook Pro for free (and throw in a free plastic cover too).

Here are the details and my personal estimate of the price of gadgets and internet included:

  • Free iPhone 5 (worth KD 190).
  • Free iPad 16 GB wireless (worth KD 150).
  • Free LTE router (worth KD 50).
  • Mobile LTE internet (KD 145).
  • Home internet (KD 360).
  • Router internet (KD 235)

And remember, you can now  move your number from your present carrier to a new one; so you don’t even have to change your number to get this offer.

I don’t normally go for combined gadget\services offers, but this one is attractive and hard to ignore. There’s no hidden conditions, and all gadgets are the latest ones.

Viva all inclusive offer vs. zain & quality netNote 1: I use Zain for my mobile phone, mobile internet, and router internet. And I use Quality Net for my home internet.

Note 2: The offer includes 300 free messages per month, which I didn’t factor in because no one uses SMS much anymore. 

Viva’s 2nd golden team commercial الجزء الثاني من إعلان فيفا و منتخبنا الذهبي

Viva Kuwait football golden team commercial Manchester Uinted 2

Viva Kuwait football golden team commercial Manchester Uinted 3



Here is the sequel to Viva’s first commercial featuring Kuwait’s golden football team. Here we seem them in top shape, ready to beat Man United. Again, this is another good commercial from Viva. Makes you feel so proud of Kuwait and that golden team.

Kuwait’s golden team Viva commercial إعلان جميل لفيفا مع منتخبنا الذهبي

Viva Kuwait football golden team Ramdan commercial

Viva Kuwait football golden team Ramdan commercial 2



We’re on a roll today, with a string of amazing commercials. In addition to NBK’s newest one, we now have another great one from Viva. It features Kuwait’s golden football team, that made it to the World Cup in 1982.

The commercial is funny, lighthearted, cute, and adorable all in one. All the old players were legendary, their acting performance surpassing their football one. I strongly suggest you watch it, it is so so funny.

My all time favorite football player from childhood is Jassim Yaqoub, and I was lucky to meet him a few years back . He was charming in person as he was in this commerical. Again, I so urge you to watch it, it’ll remind you of Kuwait’s great days.

The story doesn’t end here, I got the feeling there’s more to come. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

NBK’s 2nd Ramadan commercial إعلان الغنايم الجميل للبنك الوطني

NBK Ramadan 2nd commercial 2

NBK Ramadan 2nd commercial



This commercial is much better than NBK’s first Ramadan one shown last week (which you can watch here). It tells a very beautiful story of good old Kuwait and the great rewards you get out of good deeds. I guess you can say I really liked this new commercial.

Bravo NBK.